There has been a disconnect in the appraisal review process which often results in delayed closings and frustrated appraisers.

Guidance Appraisal Review was created in response to consistent feedback from clients regarding their existing appraisal review process. Some clients lacked the internal expertise to competently navigate the appraisal review process, while others had expertise but lacked resources to handle their growing volume. Guidance offers clients a panel of professionals with the industry’s highest designations who provide insight and feedback to clients while also effectively communicating revision requests and questions to appraisers.

By consulting with third-party auditing firms as well as auditors from the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and OCC we have identified frequent areas of weakness seen in the appraisal auditing process and developed resources to allow clients and their appraisers to stand up under the toughest of scrutiny.

We are committed to having conversations with appraisers, when necessary, to understand the development of their analyses while assisting the enhancement of their reporting to meet not only the client’s internal requirements but also maintain USPAP compliance and stay abreast of the most recent techniques in an evolving industry.

We have partnered alongside numerous financial institutions to give bandwidth for faster loan production while also providing the independence which examiners desire. Clients benefit from the appraisal knowledge we bring to their decision making while reducing the associated costs and expertise traditionally required for an in-house appraisal reviewer.

It’s all in the name… guidance.

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